Tiflis Gay Pride

Our union Tbilisi Pride fights for the rights of sexual minorities in Georgia. As part of this struggle, we carry out various social campaigns. This year, our initiative to hold Pride Week which was supposed to end with a parade of LGBTQIA+ community representatives in Tbilisi, has faced stiff opposition from radical right-wing supporters of heterosexual relations. Our initiative was thwarted. Our supporters and journalists covering our activities were subjected to violence. In spite of this, we are not going to give up. We receive support from EU officials who are trying to get our country’s leadership to respect the fundamental rights of LGBTQIA+ people in Georgia. But gross violations of international norms continue in our country. Georgia falls short of the world standards of freedom. We need help from the world community! It is your help that is needed to raise widespread attention to the lawlessness, cruelty and suppression of dissenting views in Georgia. Only with the help of broad international condemnation of the activities of the leadership of our country which supports the radicals in their lawlessness, we will be able to defend our right to free love. This image is the symbol of our movement.

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